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The Law / WACs

Agency rules help clarify and explain the law. Governor Gary Locke's Executive Order 97-02 on regulatory improvement required agencies to review their rules for effectiveness, clarity, consistency, need, cost, coordination, and fairness.

From 1997 through 1999, the Commission worked closely with nearly 100 stakeholder volunteers in a dozen advisory workgroups to review its rules.

These efforts resulted in several key improvements. The rules were updated to include contemporary examples and to reflect current case law and statutes. The rules were made clearer by simplifying sentence structures and trimming legalistic or redundant text. Some rules were shortened by 50 percent!

You can access and search through state laws (including RCW 49.60, the Law
Against Discrimination), rules, and rulemaking efforts at the website of the State Code Reviser

The rules of the Commission are found in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) at Chapter 162. Some commonly requested titles within WAC Chapter 162 include:

When the Commission starts looking again at rule making, we will post the information here.