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Sexual Harassment

Friday, December 21, 2018

Sexual Harassment

The Human Rights Commission convened a stakeholder work group to create Model Policies and Best Practices related to sexual harassment in employment, as required under the 2018 Senate Bill 6471. 

This process included gathering ideas and input from business, agribusiness, labor, farmworker advocates, human resource professionals, attorneys, and victim advocates. 

The materials created from those ideas and input include a Model Sexual Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedure, and Model Sexual Harassment Investigation Procedures.  Also included is a compilation of Best Practices that can be used along with the Policy and Procedures to create a comprehensive sexual harassment prevention strategy. 

The Human Rights Commission wishes to thank all work group participants for their work on this important issue.

An Introduction to the Model Sexual Harassment Policy and Model Sexual Harassment Investigation Procedures, and Best Practices.

To assist in creating a workplace that is free from sexual harassment

These procedures can be used by anyone who is responsible for receiving harassment complaints.

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