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Combating Employment Discrimination in Washington State
Dedicated to Promoting Fair Housing for Washington Families
The Washington State Human Rights Commission currently has a several month backlog of cases waiting to be assigned to an investigator. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please contact us should there be any significant changes relating to your case.

Protecting your rights

It's not Justice if it's not Equal


The Human Rights Commission is left reeling after hearing the devastating account of more than seventeen dead, and numerous injured, from recent mass shootings within the communities of Monterey Park in Southern California and Half Moon Bay, an agriculture area near San Francisco. We stand with the families and friends as we remember those you loved so deeply. 

If you are seeking information on a disability related or religious exemption from a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, the Human Rights Commission DOES NOT process, assist with, or approve these requests, nor do we provide the paperwork or forms to make such requests. If you believe that you qualify for an exemption, contact your Human Resources Department. 

Q and A About Face Coverings and the Washington Law Against Discrimination During the COVID-19 Pandemic: (PDF

WSHRC Guidance on COVID-19 and Non-discrimination Laws

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Washington State Human Rights Commission will be closed to the public until further notice. You can still access some services by using our online forms and emailing them directly to frontdesk@hum.wa.gov, or by calling our office at 1-800-233-3247 during regular business hours. Please note: Normal turnaround times will be significantly delayed in processing the mail we receive. If your matter is time sensitive, please call our office immediately.

Debido al crisis del COVID-19, la Comisión estará cerrado al público temporalmente . Toda vía puede acceder algunos servicios utilizando nuestros formularios que se encuentran en nuestro sitio de web, y enviarlos por correo electrónico al frontdesk@hum.wa.gov. También puede llamar nuestra oficina al 1-800-233-3247. Por favor tome en cuenta que puede durar más tiempo en el procesamiento del correo que recibimos. Si su asunto es urgente, llame a nuestra oficina de inmediato.

Fair Housing & COVID 19 Brochures Available on Northwest Fair Housing Alliance Website

COVID19 Utility Assistance - Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission: https://www.utc.wa.gov/CovidHelp

COVID-19 Safety Resources for Workplaces: https://lni.wa.gov/agency/_docs/COVID19WorkplaceSafetyResources.pdf

Recursos sobre seguridad de COVID-19 en el trabajo:  http://enespanol.lni.wa.gov/Spanish/Safety/files/COVID19WorkplaceSafetyResourcesSpanish.pdf

Guidance Relating to Non-Discrimination in Medical Treatment for Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19): (PDF

General information on Washington's COVID-19 response: https://coronavirus.wa.gov/

EEOC Guidance: ADA and Vaccinations: https://www.eeoc.gov/wysk/what-you-should-know-about-covid-19-and-ada-re...

Questions about Labor & Industries issues: https://lni.wa.gov/agency/outreach/novel-coronavirus-outbreak-covid-19-r...

Questions about unemployment and other issues for affected workers and businesses: https://esd.wa.gov/newsroom/covid-19

Complaints about evictions in violation of the Governor’s moratorium on certain residential evictions during the COVID-19 public health emergency: https://fortress.wa.gov/atg/formhandler/ago/COVID19EvictionComplaintForm...

Accessibility at Drive-Thru Medical Sites: http://nwadacenter.org/factsheet/accessibility-drive-thru-medical-sites

Resources for blind and low vision individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic: https://www.blindcovid.com/

Farmworker resources for COVID-19: http://www.ourvalleyourfuture.org/

The mission of the Washington State Human Rights Commission is to prevent and eliminate discrimination through the fair application of the law, the efficient use of resources, and the establishment of productive partnerships in the community.

Under the law, everyone has the right to be free from discrimination at work, in housing, in a public accommodation, or when seeking credit and insurance. Any individual who believes that he or she has been discriminated against based on protected class status may file a charge of discrimination with the WSHRC.

A discrimination charge in employment, public accommodation, credit and insurance must be filed with WSHRC within six months,  from the date of the alleged violation, in order to protect your rights. A discrimination charge in housing must be filed with the WSHRC within one year from the date of the alleged violation.

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