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Public Records Requests

The Governor has issued Proclamation 20-28 regarding the Open Public Records Act (PRA) due to the COVID 19 outbreak in the United States and the spread in Washington state, in an effort to curtail the spread within Washington state. Effective from March 24, 2020 until midnight, April 23, 2020, unless extended beyond that date, the PRA requirement that for agencies respond to PRA requests within 5 business days from receipt is suspended. Additionally, there will be no in person inspection of records or in office submission of PRA requests.

You may experience limited or delayed responses when submitting your public records request. Especially for requests received via U.S. mail and/or fax. Please email your request directly to Debbie Ralph at debbie.ralph@hum.wa.gov, or you may leave a message at (360) 359-4925. Please be specific about what records you are seeking.

Please make your public records requests to our Records Clerk, Debbie Ralph, via email at debbie.ralph@hum.wa.gov , via phone at 800-233-3247, or by mail to Debbie Ralph, WA State Human Rights Commission, PO Box 42490, Olympia, WA  98541-2490.

It would help expedite your records request if you are specific about what records you are seeking, and if you limit your request to a specific date range.